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2K warns users to beef up cyber security after support team gets hacked

Borderlands and BioShock publisher 2K Games has been hacked. The company announced the breach on Wednesday, and it is warning customers to change their passwords and not open any emails from its support page.

The 2K Support Twitter account, which was not affected by the hack, posted the following message, saying that the hacker was sending seemingly legitimate emails to certain players containing malicious links, and strongly advised customers not to click on those emails if they happen to receive them. As a result, the company’s support page has gone offline while it resolves the issue.

Hey folks, please read an important message from our Customer Support team. Thank you.

— 2K Support (@2KSupport) September 20, 2022

If customers have clicked on the links already, 2K strongly urged them to immediately reset any passwords stored in their browser, enable multifactor authentication wherever possible, run a reputable anti-virus program, and check their account settings to see that no forwarding settings have been changed. The company then reiterated that it would never ask anyone for their password or other personal information, and apologized for any inconvenience the hack may have caused them.

The breach of 2K’s support is the latest in a series of cyber attacks committed in the last four days. On Saturday night, a hacker compromised Rockstar Games and leaked 90 video clips of development footage for Grand Theft Auto 6 on GTA Forums, causing a storm of controversy. The leaker, who is allegedly part of Lapsus$, is being investigated by the FBI after Uber also came forward confirming that it, too, suffered a cyberattack by the same person. It’s currently unknown who is behind this 2K hack.

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