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XCOM Legends mobile spin-off launched by 2K

Publisher 2K dropped a left-field surprise with the unannounced release of a completely new XCOM game. This mobile spin-off XCOM Legends is now on the Google Play store. The release is currently limited to select territories at the moment.

Xcom Legends Game - Android Gameplay

XCOM Legends is a mobile take on the tactics-based XCOM series. Its description categorizes it as a turn-based RPG, featuring a campaign and competitive PvP game modes.

In the campaign, players will fight waves of alien enemies while leveling up and unlocking new heroes that can be brought over to the PvP mode. Much like similar mobile games, there are daily challenges to complete that most likely award bonus points or experience points to go towards PvP unlocks.

XCOM Legends promises a proper story that properly fits into the rest of the series. This title appears to take place during XCOM 2, with its unique alien race, the Chosen, making an appearance.

The description reveals the plot of the Legends, which takes place after alien invaders claimed victory over Earth and humanity. In a war against the remaining humans fighting back, the aliens bring out a secret ancient weapon.

It’s no surprise that 2K decided to take XCOM to the mobile market. Many different companies have made the move to smartphones with new versions of pre-existing titles, such as Riot’s upcoming Valorant port and the announced mobile version of Apex Legends.

There is no word on a full-scale launch for XCOM Legends just yet. We’ve reached out for a comment from 2K to clarify its release plans.

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