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Valorant gets a mobile version, but it won’t feature PC cross-play

To celebrate Valorant’s one-year anniversary, Riot Games announced that its newest tactical team shooter will be making its way to mobile devices. While the developers of the hit game stated that Valorant Mobile is in development, no release date, port differences, or specific hardware hosts have been confirmed.

Valorant is a competitive character-based tactical first-person shooter that released to immediate fanfare last year. It’s often compared to a mix of games like Valve’s Counter-Strike and Blizzard’s Overwatch.

Valorant isn’t Riot’s first big game to make the move to mobile, as their popular title, League of Legends also received a mobile spin-off in Wild RiftWild Rift keeps the core gameplay of its predecessor while changing the experience to make it more comfortable and workable for the mobile market.

Valorant also isn’t the first FPS to be making its way to the mobile gaming scene. Games like Call of Duty Mobile and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds received mobile spin-offs as well, both of which are very successful in both expanding their brands beyond consoles and computers and delivering a fun gameplay experience for the many players around the world. Apex Legends and Battlefield both have mobile versions in the works too.

According to PolygonValorant executive producer Anna Donlon states that PC players have nothing to fear, as Valorant mobile won’t affect the PC version. She confirms that there are no plans for cross-play between the two versions of the game as of now.

In Polygon’s interview, Donlon comments on a console version of Valorant being in the works but nothing about it is set in stone yet, as the mobile version is the focus right now.

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