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Battle of the Rages crowns the king of DotA 2 rage quitters

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Rage quitting isn’t something anyone should be proud of doing, but winning The Manila Masters’ Battle of the Rages is an exception. The DotA 2 competition also hosted a contest for fans to show off their best rage-quitting skills, complete with screaming, throwing, and generally childish antics. While you might not expect it though, the winner’s performance was rather understated compared to the competition.

Quitting an online game before it’s over is considered poor form in multiplayer games, especially ones with a heavy team focus. It’s frowned upon and punished by a number of developers, but it still happens from time to time and is just as common in Valve’s DotA 2 as it is elsewhere. Battle of the Rages shone a spotlight on that unfortunate aspect of the game and showed how silly it can truly be.

Battle of the Rages - The Manila Masters

Three DotA 2 fans were called on stage during the Manila Master’s event at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Philippines, to show just how angry they can get when something doesn’t go their way in game and they didn’t disappoint. With one participant’s hero, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, acting as one of the judges, they showed their raging anger. They frowned, they grimaced, they gritted their teeth and ultimately threw their stunt PC parts all over the stage.

But as with every game of DotA 2, there could only be one winner of the first ever Battle of the Rages. It wasn’t the antics of the self-proclaimed, “Puppey Junior,” that brought home the prize, but the more refined facial expressions and dramatic acting chops of Henry (thanks BleedingCool).

While Puppey Junior didn’t get the ultimate prize in the Battle of the Rages, he did manage to meet his hero and have him sign his shirt. Considering the man’s passion for the game, and for rage quitting, it seems likely that they will be worth more to him than any prize the Manila Masters could have heaped upon him.

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