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Marvel’s Avengers creative director keeps door open for addition of X-Men

Marvel’s Avengers, which recently created controversy for making Spider-Man an exclusive character for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, may eventually add X-Men to its cast of characters.

The license for Marvel’s Avengers extends to all of Marvel’s history of more than 80 years, the game’s creative director Shaun Escayg said in an interview hosted by PlayStation Trophies.

While Escayg did not outright confirm that X-Men will soon be added to the game, he said that the process of choosing characters for Marvel’s Avengers depends on whether they will move the game’s story forward. “It’s all about how we write it, how we sell it, how we situate it, and how we then bridge that into a new threat or new escalations of threats,” he added.

The list of X-Men who also joined the Avengers at some point in Marvel history include Beast, Wolverine, Storm, and Rogue. With Escayg revealing that any future additions to Marvel’s Avengers will come with a storyline, the X-Men may be good choices as most of the mutants come with intriguing lore behind them.

Digital Trends has reached out to developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix for confirmation that X-Men will eventually be added to Marvel’s Avengers, as well as the possibility that the Xbox One and PC will also receive exclusive characters like Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4.

Marvel’s Avengers to launch in September

Marvel’s Avengers, initially set to roll out on May 15, will launch on September 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia. For PlayStation 4 players who pre-ordered the game, the beta is now accessible, while Xbox One and PC players with pre-orders will gain access to the beta on August 14.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man will launch as DLC for the PlayStation 4 version sometime next year through an in-game event that will include single-player missions, before the wall-crawler is added to the multiplayer War Zones.

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