Microsoft Claims Huge Demand for the New 360

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It sounds like Microsoft is not too worried about the recent NPD report that showed a 5-percent drop in video games sales in May. Industry Gamers is reporting that Microsoft has released a statement claiming that “…we are hearing great feedback from retailers that the new Xbox 360 250GB is experiencing unprecedented demand.”

Microsoft also stated that sales have been climbing since the release of the new xbox 360, “Strong demand for the new Xbox 360 250GB combined with a $50 price reduction in the U.S. on the Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite consoles, now US$149.99 and US$249.99 respectively, has resulted in a significant sales spike for Xbox 360 since the new console hit shelves on or around June 14.”

Of course there is no way to accurately check this, as Microsoft do not release actual sales numbers. The next NPD report that covers the June period, wont be released until next month, so we should be able to see a rough idea of how the new Xbox 360 is really selling since its June 14 release.

Microsoft also made a point that the Xbox 360 “continues to outsell the PlayStation 3 at retail for the fifth consecutive year and every single month of 2010.”