Microsoft discounts Xbox Live subscriptions before rate hike

Microsoft has quietly dunked its toe into the wild world of online deals, allowing you to save a little cash on your Xbox Live subscription. Head online now, and you could save up to 15 percent on your Xbox Live membership! But wait, there’s more! Act now, and you will also receive 1,600 Microsoft points when you renew for two years! How much does this savings bonanza cost? $250? $400?! No! Renew now and the two year plan, and the 1,600 points can be yours for a mere $84!

Starting on November 1, the cost of a gold membership on Xbox Live is going to see an increase. Before that happens, Microsoft is offering incentives to sway you into renewing your membership now. When it was first announced that there would be a price increase, the reaction from the online community was about what you would expect: threats of dropping the service, accusations of Microsoft being greedy and general hatred for the announcement was the theme.

Perhaps in response to the outcry, or perhaps because Microsoft simply loves us all, they have announced two new deals for those that renew or sign up now. The two years of an Xbox Live gold membership will come with 1,600 MS points for $84, while a one-year subscription will run $45, and you will receive 800 points. Currently Microsoft just offers a 12-month membership for $49.99, while the 1,600 points will run you $19.99.

The deal is currently only being offered via Xbox Live, and it will work in conjunction with your current subscription, meaning that if you purchase it now, you will be charged when your current subscription runs out. There is a small catch though: The MS points could take between six to eight weeks to reach your account once the subscription begins.

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