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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Will Never Have a Browser

For years, 360 users have been scratching their heads and wondering when their gaming system- manufactured by the top software manufacturer in the world- would supply them with the software necessary to go online and surf the Web. The answer is never.

In an interview with Edge Magazine (via CVG) , Xbox product manager Aaron Greenberg confirmed that the 360 would not support a Web browser because Microsoft deemed exploring the Internet on a home TV to be a “poor experience.”

“We really believe that the web browsing experience on TV is a poor one, and the real magic is to take those Web experiences and optimise them for the living room. That’s what we did with Netflix. So, sure, you can go on the PS3 and go to Facebook and and try to navigate, but it’s an absolute nightmare.”

Both the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 support Web browers.  “No disrespect,” Greenberg said.”There’s things I love about the PS3, but that’s not one of them.”

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