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Topple Sauron’s army endlessly with free ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ DLC

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War already has a substantial amount of exciting content, but we’d never complain about new content for a great game — especially when it includes free content. Warner Bros. has outlined Shadow of War‘s post-launch content, some of which arrives very soon.

On November 21, a trio of free updates arrives in the open world action game.

The previously announced Endless Siege mode arrives, which tasks players with defending fortresses from Sauron’s army. Sieges have been a part of the Shadow Wars endgame since launch, but the update will remove the restrictions on the number of Shadow Wars events players can participate in.

Along with Endless Siege comes Rebellion. The description from WB reads: “Crush the rebel Ologs and Uruks in your forces as they seek to undermine the Bright Lord.”

The third November 21 item isn’t new content but a new feature. Shadow of War will receive an enhanced photo mode to let players apply filters, enhance textures, and change frames to in-game screenshots.

Two weeks later, on December 5, a pair of additional free updates arrive. Online Fight Pits will let you challenge other users’ Orc followers in arena fights to the death that net upgrades and “powerful rewards.” And if you’re feeling brave, a new Brutal difficulty level will feature “no last chances,” making it harder than Nemesis difficulty.

WB also hinted that more free content would be on the way next year.

As for paid content, WB revealed that the game’s first expansion pack, “Slaughter Tribe,” will be available alongside the first wave of free content on November 21. On December 12, the “Outlaw Tribe” expansion pack arrives. Both of those two pieces of paid DLC add a new tribe, missions, fortresses, challenges, conquests, and legendary gear.

Owners of the game’s $40 season pass will gain access to both of those tribe expansions, as well as the two story expansions that arrive next year. “Blade of Galadriel” launches in February, while “Desolation of Mordor” rounds out the season pass in May. Each of the story expansions put players in the shoes of someone else other than Talion (Eltariel and Baranor, respectively).

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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