Minecraft sells over 8 million copies for PC

minecraft screenshot kindle fire game app android tabletIt’s no surprise that the open-world, building game Minecraft has found its way to a lot of computers since its first alpha release way back in 2009, but just how many computers is pretty amazing.

According to Minecraft’s official website, the game has been purchased more than 8 million times by PC users alone — a sales figure Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson brought attention to this morning.

“The PC version of Minecraft just passed 8 million sales! My face is making grinning sounds, so I assume it’s grinning!” he posted on Twitter.

What makes the numbers even more impressive, however, is that they don’t take into account some of the other platforms on which the game has sold successfully. Minecraft has been purchased more than 4 million times on Xbox Live since it debuted there as a downloadable game in May. On top of that, the mobile version of the game, available for Android and iOS devices, has been purchased more than 700,000 times this year.

Although Persson has stepped away from the game’s continued development, Minecraft still receives regular updates — which will likely keep its fanbase growing for quite a while.