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Switch-exclusive ‘Namco Museum Arcade PAC’ is the ultimate retro collection

The Nintendo Switch has become many players’ go-to console for commutes and other periods of limbo, and short arcade games are the perfect choice for this type of downtime. With Bandai Namco’s Switch-exclusive Namco Museum Arcade PAC, you’ll have a comprehensive colle

Namco Museum Arcade PAC combines two previous titles from Bandai Namco: The Namco Museum and Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus.

Namco Museum comes loaded with some of Namco’s most iconic arcade games from the ’80s and beyond, including Pac-ManPac-Man VS., Dig Dug, Galaga and Galaga 88, Splatterhouse, Tank Force, and Rolling Thunder, as well as new challenge modes for all games and a vertical screen option — with the new Kickstarter-backed Flip Grip accessory, you’ll be able to more easily play the games as they were in the arcade.

Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus, meanwhile, is a modernized version of the classic arcade game that originally hit the system in February for $20. It features updated visuals that fit more in line with the look of the character on advertisements and cartoons, a Switch-exclusive cooperative mode, and 3D action that doesn’t sacrifice the gameplay for which the series is famous. Despite the more detailed graphics, our yellow hero luckily doesn’t have that weird nose he sports in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for some reason.

No price was given with the Namco Museum Arcade PAC announcement, but the two separate games currently cost $50 on the Nintendo eShop. We can’t imagine Bandai Namco pricing the collection above $40, and with renewed interest around Pac-Man as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate approaches, there are sure to be plenty of retro-minded fans looking to play some of the company’s classic library.

Nintendo’s own retro games have been harder to find on the Switch. This fall the company will be launching its paid Nintendo Switch Online service, which includes access to a library of past classic games, but this is being released in place of a traditional “Virtual Console.” On previous Nintendo systems, players were able to purchase emulated versions of NES, SNES, and even Nintendo 64 games for play on later consoles, and a subscription wasn’t required.

Namco Museum Arcade PAC launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on September 28.

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