Will Fallout 4’s Codsworth say your name? Find out by checking the complete list of options

names codsworth can say in fallout 4 header

Fallout 4 is already a smash hit, shattering Steam’s record for concurrent users, and it’s no wonder why: the game improves upon an already popular formula in just about every way. As with every Bethesda game, the little details sometimes make the biggest impact, such as when the player’s robot butler, Codsworth, refers to them by name. That assumes, of course, you have a name he knows how to say.

An intrepid player on Reddit has unearthed the complete list of names Codsworth is programmed to say, and there are some surprising options. The Kyles and Seans of the world will be saddened to learn that Codsworth has forgotten how to say their names (in his defense, his hard drive is over 200 years old.) However, people hoping to roleplay as Sterling Archer, Battosai the Manslayer, or Philip Marlowe (among others) can rejoice.

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