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Netflix expands its gaming offerings with 3 new titles

Netflix shared a list of new titles coming to its Netflix Games platform. The service will add three games, including the anticipated Desta: The Memories Between, which launches on September 27.

Desta: The Memories Between - Developer Overview Trailer

The announcement comes from GameSpot, which aired its first annual Swipe Mobile Showcase. The stream shared updates on a slew of mobile games and revealed some new titles too, like the upcoming Call of Duty mobile game. Netflix was a major part of the show, using it as a chance to expand its commitment to video games with new titles.

Of the new games, Desta: The Memories Between is a turn-based tactical rogue-like where players have to think their way through a metaphorical dodgeball game. After its showing at Summer Game Fest, we described it as “an emotional story about a girl returning home after her father dies and reconnecting with old friends with turn-based combat centered around throwing a ball.”

The title received tons of shine at the Swipe Mobile Showcase, focusing on its unique gameplay philosophy and touching story. It also received a release date of September 27, where it’ll launch exclusively on the Netflix Games platform. Nintendo Switch and Steam ports of the title are also coming soon.

Another Netflix game that got the highlighted treatment is Lucky Luna, a stylish platformer exclusive to Netflix Games. The 2D vertical platformer was given a surprise shadow drop and is currently available through Netflix Games.

The showcase also gave a glimpse at the upcoming mobile port of Immortality, which is coming to Netflix Games. Our review at Digital Trends called the game “an all-engrossing FMV horror game made with the highest level of cinematic craft seen in a video game.”

Those three titles join an all-star list of indies either coming to the platform or available on it now. The list includes the following games.

  • Spiritfarer 
  • Wild Things: Animal Adventures
  • Into the Breach
  • Before Your Eyes
  • Moonlighter
  • Into the Dead 2
  • Heads Up

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