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New features make Destiny’s companion app essential for every player

Destiny The Dark Below screenshot 23
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Destiny‘s freshly released v1.1.1 update brought more than weapon balance tweaks and bug fixes; it also added some new features to the game’s companion app, available on Android and iOS (Note: This was only tested on iOS so far). Players now have the ability to manage the inventory of their character(s) from inside the app, including the ability to equip/unequip gear and move weapons, armor, and  inventory items to and from your Vault storage.

The app features have a lot of flexibility. You can shift gear around whether or not you’re signed into the game. You can even watch the changes happen in real time if you move items to/from the Vault or equip/unequip something on the character you happen to be using.

This added functionality is primarily useful for those Destiny players with more than one character. Previously, swapping gear or materials between two of your own characters involved a laborious process of traveling to the game’s Tower social hub, depositing items in the Vault, signing out, signing in with the other character, going to the Tower again, and retrieving the desired gear from the Vault.

Now you can manage your inventory entirely inside the app, by simply selecting your character of choice, navigating to their gear or inventory page, and tapping the item you’d like to move. A new “Manage Item” prompt appears at the bottom of the screen, and that’s where you go to drop something in the Vault. If it’s a piece of gear that you don’t currently have armed, there’s also an Equip option. Just note: Equipped gear must be unequipped before it can be deposited in the Vault.

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