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Nintendo Labo: VR Kit has a ton of games you can play with starting April 12

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Nintendo has revealed more details about the Labo: VR Kit ahead of its April 12 launch for the Nintendo Switch. Specifically, we now know what to expect after building each of the six Toy-Cons. Nintendo said that the software used with the builds has been designed to be “shareable, fun and social.”


Nintendo Labo: VR Kit
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The Camera has two different modes, Ocean and House. The ocean camera takes you on an underwater journey where you’ll be tasked with taking pictures of sea life. The house mode sees you interacting with a “strange creature” inside a home by taking pictures.


Nintendo Labo: VR Kit
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The Toy-Con Elephant has two games as well. Marble Run is a physics puzzle where you guide marbles through rings using the trunk of the elephant. It includes a level creator, too. Doodle lets you create 3D art with the elephant’s trunk. You can view and show off your creations by docking the Switch. There’s also a multiplayer format where you can guess about other players’ drawings.


The Toy-Con Bird has two apps, including one that sounds just adorable. Simply called Bird, the object is fly around on the back of a bird searching for items while helping little birdies hatch. The Bird Toy-Con also interacts with the Wind Pedal Toy-Con, which can be used to puff air for additional speed. The second game, Bird Dash, is a timed racing challenge through the sky.


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The eponymous app asks you to fend off an alien invasion by blasting away in an on-rails shooter. Kablasta, meanwhile, switches things up dramatically with the same Toy-Con. Here, you and another player compete to see who can feed hippos the most food.

Wind Pedal

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit
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In addition to working in tandem with the Bird Toy-Con, the Wind Pedal has a game called Hop Dodge. You play as a frog trying to jump high on a constantly growing stack of balls. You also have to avoid obstacles and smack soccer balls with your head at the same time. The air emitted by the Wind Pedal Toy-Con is designed to simulate a breeze.


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The VR Goggles, the most basic build of the bunch, will work with many of the 64 mini games included in the VR Plaza. Other games in the plaza will use the five more elaborate VR Toy-Con builds.

The Nintendo Labo: VR Kit will also support the Toy-Con Garage and the new Garage VR, which lets you code and create VR applications. One neat learning feature is that you can import the mini games from the VR Plaza to break them down and see how they tick.

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit launches on Nintendo Switch on April 12 for $80. A starter kit is also available for $40 and includes the Blaster and Goggles. If you go the starter kit route, you can buy the remaining four builds in packs of two for $20 each.

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