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Don’t expect a Nintendo Switch successor or price cut, Nintendo’s president says

Gamers who are holding out on buying the Nintendo Switch amid rumors of a successor or price cut should no longer do so, in light of a statement made by Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s president.

The Nintendo Switch took the title as the best-selling console of 2018 in the United States, beating the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The console’s achievement was made possible through record-breaking holiday season sales, as the PlayStation 4 won the monthly battle for sales from January to October last year.

As the Nintendo Switch is nearing its two-year birthday this March, speculation has circulated that Nintendo is planning a successor to the console, or at least a price cut. The Nintendo Switch may receive a screen upgrade or a bigger battery, according to some rumors.

Nintendo’s Furukawa has now shut down these rumors, through an interview with The Sankei News that was translated by Nintendo Everything. One of the questions was about the company’s goal of selling 20 million units of the Nintendo Switch within its fiscal year.

“It is an extremely ambitious, but worthwhile achievement. So, we will maintain this goal. Nintendo Switch is our primary sales objective, and we are not considering a successor or a price cut at this time,” Furukawa answered.

Nintendo appears confident that it will hit its goal, even without an updated Nintendo Switch or a discount to its current price tag. One of the primary drivers for the console is the strong offering of Nintendo Switch games. Furukuawa revealed that Super Mario Party sold 1.5 million copies worldwide in just one month after its launch in October, while Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu sold 3 million copies and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sold 5 million copies in their first week.

In the interview, Furukawa also talked about Nintendo’s mobile gaming business, which is currently focused on building a relationship with gamers instead of selling products. Furukawa admitted that Nintendo is still learning about the industry, but there is a desire to release mobile games across multiple genres.

Nintendo, meanwhile, continues to look to expanding its ways of thinking, as part of its recruitment efforts is to hire employees who can adapt to the ebb and flow of the entertainment industry.

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Don’t let these 3 October hidden gaming gems fly under your radar
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Heading into October, it was no secret that this month was going to be one of the most hectic ever for video games. Several notable game franchises are receiving brand new entries; this week alone saw the arrival of a new Assassin’s Creed game and the opening of early access for Forza Motorsport. Still, these flashy AAA games are far from the only ones to be coming out right now, and even just eight days into the month, we recognize that some fantastic games have already flown under the radar.
Particularly for those who like games that force them to think strategically, the first week of October featured three new games that haven’t gotten the attention of Forza Motorsport and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, but still deserve it: Silent Hope, The Lamplighters League, and Wargroove 2. These are three solid games that are worth a play while you're waiting for Spider-Man and Mario.
The Lamplighters League

Did you know that Harebrained Schemes, the developer behind fantastic strategy RPGs like the Shadowrun Trilogy and Battletech, put out a new game this week? Well, on October 3, the studio dropped The Lamplighters League, a supernatural strategy game inspired by the pulpy stories of the early 1900s. That’s reflected in the game’s cartoonish art style and charismatic voice acting, which I found very charming.
When it comes to gameplay, it’ll be familiar to those who played Harebrained’s previous games or the XCOM series. Players can sneak around in real time between fights. During those segments, they can explore, take in more of the world and lore, properly position their soldiers, and even pick off some enemies before an encounter begins using each character’s unique abilities. This setup makes The Lamplighters League’s missions more intense and sprawling than its peers.
Although it’s not revelatory for the strategy game genre, it makes you feel like the mastermind behind an eclectic team of spies outsmarting overwhelming forces working against them. While many of this month’s biggest releases are fast-paced, action-focused romps, The Lamplighters League will make you stop, think cleverly, and soundly execute smart tactical strategies to complete a mission with as few mishaps or casualties as possible.
The Lamplighters League is now available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s also available via Xbox Game Pass.
Wargroove 2

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