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An AI company may have just leaked the Nintendo Switch 2’s name and release month

An image of the Nintendo Switch - OLED Model Mario Red Edition.

As part of the ongoing wave of AI-related news at CES 2024, Altec Lansing revealed an artificial intelligence-powered successor to GameShark called AI Shark. More interestingly, the press release regarding this software claims that the Nintendo Switch 2 will launch in September 2024.

“Formerly known as GameShark, AI Shark is set to redefine the gaming landscape with its revolutionary AI-enhanced technology,” Altec Lansing explains in a press release. “The innovative gaming software is set to mark a significant leap forward in the gaming experience, bringing enhanced gameplay for beginner-level users. The official launch is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024.”

AI Shark declaring that is very odd, considering Nintendo has not confirmed the name of its next console or the release window for it. That means that AI Shark either revealed this release window and name information earlier than it was supposed to, or is just speculating on the name and release window of Nintendo’s next device in order to drum up hype for its AI product.

In a follow-up to Digital Trends, AI Shark backtracked on the September release month, but confirmed that the tentative launch for the platform is “Fall 2024.” It added that Nintendo has not officially set the launch date yet, but does not deny the existence of the device or the fact that it’s set to launch this year. In a second follow-up, it backtracked on the Fall 2024 window too and noted that “Nintendo has not officially clarified launch.”

Notably, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier received a completely different response from an AI Shark spokesperson, which claimed the company was simply guessing. Neither of the statements Digital Trends received alluded to that, including ones that were sent to us after Schreier’s post. 

Digital Trends also reached out to Nintendo to confirm the accuracy of the press release. We’ll provide an update when we hear back.

As for what AI Shark is, Altec Lansing says it’ll “utilize exclusive XGPT technology and real-time [tensor processing units] acceleration to elevate users’ gaming experiences by providing personalized hints and assistance that keep up with fast-paced, competitive gaming.” The press release unveiling AI Shark does not explain what data set it will pull from in order to give players that advice, so we’ve also asked Altec Lansing for clarification on that.

Regardless, if what AI Shark says is true, then Nintendo Switch 2 might be hitting store shelves as soon as September 2024. Definitely take that with some skepticism for now, though.

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Tomas Franzese
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