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Universal’s Super Nintendo World may feature Nintendo Switch integration

Super Nintendo World, which is set to open in Universal Studios Japan in the spring of 2020, may feature Nintendo Switch integration to augment the theme park’s interactive experience.

Universal Parks & Resorts chairman and CEO Tom Williams, in an interview with Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Jessica Jean Reif Cohen, provided several details about Super Nintendo World ahead of its debut next year in Japan.

“It’s a whole new separate area of the park,” Williams said, with the first phase to offer two rides, namely Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventures. The CEO added that visitors will be wearing magnetic wristbands that will allow them to interact with the various levels of the park, similar to how lightsabers work in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. The wristbands will also keep scores as the wearer plays the different games throughout Super Nintendo World.

Williams also said that the Super Nintendo World wristband also “interfaces with your game console.” He did not specifically mention the Nintendo Switch, but given the console’s portability, which will be boosted by the upcoming launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite, Williams is most likely referring to Nintendo’s latest console.

There was also no specific explanation of how exactly the Nintendo Switch will play a part in trips to Super Nintendo World. The console comes with built-in RFID technology, which is most frequently used with the Amiibo accessories, and that is likely what will be used to connect with the magnetic wristbands. It remains unclear what happens after that, with speculation including apps that may be accessed while within the theme park and games that may be unlocked to take home the experience.

Williams confirmed that Super Nintendo World will include a Bowser-themed area and Princess Peach’s castle, and promised that it will open in other Universal Studios parks over the coming years, though without providing a timeline.

Nintendo fans in the United States are now eagerly waiting for the opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando, with Nintendo Switch in hand for whatever it will contribute to the highly anticipated experience.

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