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Save on cool Nintendo Switch accessories with these Amazon deals

Nintendo Switch review
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The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate party console. Its docking and handheld features allow you to play it on a television or even a coffee table. It also has a great lineup of local multiplayer games to play with friends. Right now on both Amazon and Walmart, you can upgrade your couch co-op experience with some of the deals they have on great Nintendo Switch accessories. These include discounts on Joy-Cons and a Joy-Con charging dock.

On Amazon, you can grab the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con set for $70 instead of the usual $80 it will typically cost you. That’s $10 off the original price, which is a pretty decent deal considering these are officially licensed Nintendo controllers. These Joy-Cons are compatible with every game on the system and can be attached to the side of the screen just like the ones that come included with every Nintendo Switch console. The Joy-Con strap is also bundled with each controller, and you can choose from various color options like red and blue, green and pink, or gray versions. All cost the same price, and they’re functionally identical.

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To charge your new controllers, you typically have to plug them into the Switch itself and leave it in the dock. If you want more options, however, you can also get the PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock on Amazon for $22, which is a 27 percent savings over the standard price. The dock can hold and charge four controllers at once, not only ensuring they’re always powered up but also a great way to make sure you won’t ever misplace the small controllers again. If one pair is attached to the console, the second pair can always be ready to go on the dock.

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Though not technically listed as “on sale” on Amazon, the Insten Portable Playstand is available right now for just $11, as well. The stand has several different viewing angles as well as air ports so that your system stays cool. It also comes with anti-slip pads to keep it sturdy if you have to put it on a slippery surface, and you still have access to the charging port on the bottom to keep your console from running out of battery while you play. Better yet? The stand is also compatible with tablets and phones, so you can use it as a Netflix viewing device while traveling, and it folds flat for easy storage in a case or drawer.

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