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Patent reveals possible new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con design with hinges

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are already considered one of the most innovative aspects of the hybrid console, but a filed patent reveals that a new design for the removable controllers may be on its way.

A new patent by Nintendo, which was found in Japan’s official patent database, revealed that the company is working on adding hinges to the top part of the Joy-Cons.

From the illustrations found in the patent, the new design will allow players to partially fold down the thumbstick of the left Joy-Con and the action buttons of the right Joy-Con. The controllers will also be able to make use of the hinges even while attached to the Nintendo Switch, as the connectors will be placed in the non-folding sections.

A possible reason for the hinges is to give the Joy-Cons a more ergonomic design, which will make the controllers more comfortable during longer play sessions.

There are several things that remain unclear though, including whether the hinged Joy-Cons will replace the current Joy-Cons in future bundles, or if they will be separate purchases.

Lastly, because the new design was found in a patent, there is a definite possibility that the hinged Joy-Cons will never move from the concept stage into an actual product. However, it is interesting that Nintendo is still working on the design of the Nintendo Switch controllers, two and a half years after the console’s launch.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons have seen their fair share of controversy, including the connectivity issues that were fixed with the addition of conductive foam, and the drifting problems that Nintendo has agreed to fix for free. The removable controllers, however, remain central to the console’s core experience.

The Joy-Cons are part of what powers Nintendo Labo, which offers various kits that allow gamers to build custom creations. The controllers will also be integral to the upcoming motion control fitness program, which has been dubbed as the Nintendo Switch Fit.

The addition of hinges may be minimal compared to enabling Nintendo Labo and Nintendo Switch Fit, and the new design may never even see the light of day. However, the patent goes to show that Nintendo has not stopped trying new ideas for its innovative console.

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