8 Nintendo Labo creations born out of wild imaginations

These 8 Nintendo Labo creations show off the device's inspiring imagination

Nintendo Labo released on April 20, giving players both young and old the chance to build working pianos, remote-controlled cars, and even a fishing rod using their Switch systems, but the fun didn’t stop with the gadgets Nintendo’s own designers drew up. In just a few days, fans have already modified their Labo sets to create some truly awesome new toys. Here are eight of the craziest and coolest custom Nintendo Labo creations.

Vulpix RC car

eight crazy custom nintendo labo creations labovulpix

When you first open up the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, you’ll be instructed to put together the RC car. The car makes use of the Joy-Con controllers’ “HD Rumble” function, moving across the floor or table as you control it with the console. That is all well and good, but the cars look a little boring. Reddit user electricpiilot fixed this by making their own custom Vulpix design. The car looks just like the Pokémon, with the fiery tail and doe-like eyes, and we would be tempted to give it a hug if we weren’t going to catch fire.

Game and Watch ball game

In the ’80s, Nintendo had a series of handheld Game and Watch systems that allowed you to play rudimentary LCD games on the go. Simple as they were, they developed a cult following, and the Ball game became one of the most iconic. By cutting holes in a piece of paper and placing it on top of the Switch’s screen, Twitter user JUMPINGREEN was able to replicate the game, catching a “ball” of light and sending it back into the air. The game even has bouncing sound effects to really drive home the retro feel.

‘Undertale’ Sans boss fight

The indie role-playing adventure game Undertale is known for its rule-breaking boss fights, which introduce gameplay elements you don’t typically associate with the genre. The fight against Sans uses a platforming segment as you attempt to avoid having your heart defeated by a series of obstacles, and the encounter was somehow re-created using the Toy-Con Garage, a paper heart, and some tape. A second player stands in as Sans with a mask over his face, and he’s eventually defeated after the other player slashes with his own controller a few times.

Dog treat dispenser

Technically, this one wasn’t made with Nintendo Labo as YouTube user Jobaa87 developed it shortly before the kits released, but its principles follow what the Toy-Con Garage enables users to do. Using the vibration on a Joy-Con controller, they were able to create a treat-dispensing device for their dog. It isn’t an exact science, as a couple treats can fall out each time instead of one, but it’s a brilliant way to keep your pet entertained with minimal effort!

Tom Nook’s demise

Animal Crossing‘s Tom Nook might be the most hated Nintendo character of all time. The real estate broker initially seems friendly, offering you a great deal on your first house, but over time, you will view him as a predatory monster who only wants to take every penny you have. Nintendo UK community manager James Bowden brought his friends together to put an end to Nook once and for all, using the Toy-Con RC cars in a race to topple him from his throne. It’s as satisfying as it sounds.

Play music, get candy

You’re probably not a dog, so you can’t just get a treat by standing there: You have to work for it. Twitter user mo3ore understands this, as they created a simple musical challenge designed to reward players with treats. If you correctly complete a minigame and play the Super Mario Bros. theme correctly on the Switch, it causes a Joy-Con to buzz and release a piece of candy from a cardboard dispenser. Of course, you could just reach in and grab the candy, but where’s the fun in that?

Battle bots

The best creations are often the most simple. While other users built elaborate cardboard modifications for their Nintendo Labo sets, Twitter user Bonnie simply taped two big knives to the top of their Toy-Con RC cars. If you’ve ever seen the show BattleBots, you know those cars are going to get annihilated in tense combat, though this one is dangerous enough that we have to beg for you to not try it at home. But why stop at a regular knife? With a fully-deployed Swiss Army knife, you could corkscrew and opponent or hit them with a can-opener uppercut!

Murdering Labo Man

The small cardboard man holding a Joy-Con on his back quickly became a fan favorite after Labo was announced, with Super Smash Bros. fans even trying to convince Nintendo to put the character in the game as a playable fighter. The chance of that happening is pretty slim, and there are even a few Nintendo fans who wish harm to Labo Man. Twitter user mattyo_39 created a gun from a Wii Zapper, a Switch console, and two Joy-Con controllers to take Labo Man down for good. With the IR camera on the Joy-Con sensing his position, the gun fires and sends Labo Man crashing to the ground. He lived a short life, but he won’t be forgotten.

Honorable mention: Playing the greatest song of all time

You don’t even need to create a new physical accessory for your Nintendo Labo to make a truly wonderful custom work. Using the Toy-Con piano, YouTube user Akfamilyhome played a lovely rendition of Smash Mouth’s 1999 hit song All-Star, continuing an internet trend of remixing the song to feature changed vocals, altered pitch, and other trippy modifications. His version is intentionally mediocre, but it also highlights the genuine musical potential the piano has for more serious creators. With the song being played on a cardboard piano, however, we think it’s time to put the All-Star craze to rest.