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Reports say 'No Man's Sky' is getting a last-minute delay

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No Man’s Sky was announced in late 2013 by the tiny team at Hello Games, and ever since its initial demonstration, we’ve been looking forward to exploring the possibilities of a virtually endless exploration game. But hopefully, good things come to those who wait, since it looks like the game won’t be hitting its June 21 release date.

In a new piece compiled from multiple sources, Kotaku reports that No Man’s Sky could miss its June date by up to two months, and news of the delay has already begun making its way to GameStop locations, which have been told to cover up the original release date on posters with a sticker that reads, “Coming soon.” This suggests that a new release date might not even be set in stone yet. While the game is highly anticipated, releasing it during a game drought in summer is the best way to give it an audience quickly.

The June window was originally revealed by Hello Games at Paris Games Week back in October, when developer Sean Murray said that the “release date has now become clear” and the remaining development time would primarily be used for polish and adding “diversity to [the] universe.”

Hopefully a few extra months in the oven will help Hello Games to deliver on what we suspect could be the most ambitious game ever created, but it’s hard to tell how much more there really is to show. Given the game’s randomly generated world and its enormous scale, there’s a chance you’ve seen most of what No Man’s Sky has to offer from watching the ridiculous number of demonstrations shown at conventions over the past few years. Hopefully, that isn’t the case. With the high-profile critical letdowns we’ve already seen recently, it would be nice for a new IP to really live up to the hype.

Whenever No Man’s Sky does release, it will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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