No online play for Monster Hunter Tri-G

no online play for monster hunter tri gThe Nintendo 3DS installment of the Monster Hunter franchise won’t feature online play, according to Capcom.

In a question-and-answer post on the developer’s website, Capcom indicated that Monster Hunter Tri-G will not feature online cooperative play, though it will feature support for local wireless play between multiple players. While this is similar to the cooperative-play options on the Playstation Portable version of the game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, it’s a break from the more recent Nintendo Wii version, Monster Hunter Tri, which offered online multiplayer modes.

While users won’t be able to team up online to defeat monsters, they will be able to download special quests and other content for the game.

Of course, all this could be a moot point, given that the game has yet to receive a U.S. release date. While the Monster Hunter franchise is massively popular in Japan, it has yet to catch on elsewhere.