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Oculus Rift replacement accessories are finally available in its online store

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If you accidentally broke your Oculus Rift remote control, or need a new “facial interface,” for your Rift headset, now you fan finally do something about it. Alongside additional sensors and replacement headphones, the Oculus store is now selling replacement accessories including new cables, remotes, and face pads, according to RoadtoVR.

As much as an expensive toy like a virtual reality headset means most people will be extra careful not to damage it, that doesn’t mean life’s accidents don’t occasionally cause problems anyway. There are many tales of people burying motion controllers in TVs, standing on cables in sharp-heeled shoes, or simply losing some of the small components that come with the headset in the first place.

Until now those were real issues for Oculus users, while their HTC Vive-owning counterparts could buy and replace just about anything to do with their headsets. Now, though, Oculus users can replace a number of accessories too.

The official lineup of accessories that can be bought through the Oculus Store includes additional sensors for expanded tracking, the Oculus remote, the four meter headset cable, on-ear headphones, and the Oculus “Rift Fit” which is a facial interface, or rather the padding that Oculus fits to its Rift headset for added comfort.

They are priced between $30 and $80, which is slightly pricier than some of the alternatives offered by HTC for its Vive. For example, you can pick up two Vive face cushions for just $25 or a better 3-in-1 cable for $40.

Regardless of pricing discrepancies, though, Oculus’ expanded catalog makes it possible to buy just about anything you might need to replace individual parts of the Rift should they become lost or damaged. The only accessory not yet available is individual Touch controllers. Those can only be purchased as a pair for $200, or as part of the initial Rift bundle for $800.

Some people have also asked Oculus to sell longer cables for its hardware, to facilitate better room-scale experiences. Oculus has yet to do so, though has recommended unofficial options in a recent blog post.

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