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Overwatch 2 closed beta is coming to PC next month

Overwatch 2 is getting a closed beta for its PvP mode next month. A developer update video released today provided a wealth of new details on the upcoming game and its upcoming beta.

Overwatch 2 | Developer Update

Players and community members can sign up for the closed beta now, which will take place in late April. The closed beta will include a new damage hero named Soujourn, the new Push game mode, 5v5 multiplayer, several hero reworks, and four new maps.

In the developer update, game director Aaron Keller explained that the dev team is “decoupling” Overwatch 2‘s player vs. player mode from its player vs. enemy mode in order to give the community access to multiplayer PvP modes faster. He apologized for the lack of meaningful content released in Overwatch during the development of its sequel and for the silence that followed the announcement of Overwatch 2

According to Keller, the team is looking to build on what made Overwatch great by expanding its communication systems, fine-tuning its combat and hero balance, and introducing entirely new modes of play in Overwatch 2.

Prior to the closed beta, a closed alpha will be taking place starting today. Blizzard employees, Overwatch League pro players, and a handful of others will be the first to test Overwatch 2‘s new systems, features, and reworks before a wider group of players receives access to them in the beta. Keller promised regular updates leading up to the game’s release and reiterated the team’s commitment to delivering both quality PvP and PvE experiences to players for a long time coming.

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