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Persona 5 is the first game to leave the PS Plus Collection

PlayStation Plus subscribers have been treated to a few free games every month. That won’t change in April, but instead of just getting games, users will also lose access to one title. In what may be the first of many game removals, Sony is removing Persona 5 from the PlayStation Plus Collection.

For anyone who is already playing the game through PlayStation Plus or has previously claimed it, Persona 5‘s removal from the PlayStation Plus Collection isn’t an issue. Users who have already added the game to their library will still be able to access the massive JRPG. Likewise, anyone who adds the game to their library before April 5 will be able to access it as long as they have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Still, Sony’s decision to remove a game from the PlayStation Plus Collection, a large library of titles PlayStation Plus users can download for free, is a strange one. It follows the company’s announcement that PlayStation Plus is going to be split up into three separate tiers. Subscribers to any of the tiers will still have access to the PlayStation Plus collection, though it seems like Sony is adapting the service to act more like Xbox Game Pass, which rotates new games in and out monthly.

It’s also not clear if Sony will give the larger catalogs of games that will be available to PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers the same treatment. Those users will have access to a large library of select games from nearly every PlayStation console. It wouldn’t be too strange if Sony decides to bring new games into that library while removing others.

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