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Atlus debuts teaser for ‘Persona 5 R’ for PlayStation 4, promises more in March

Atlus has rolled out a trailer for Persona 5 R, officially confirming the follow-up to the popular RPG but without providing any specific details.


The teaser video opens with the PlayStation logo, indicating that Persona 5 R will launch on the PlayStation 4. The video and the official website say that more information about the game will be revealed in March 2019, and with the text “New Projects” appearing in the teaser, it is possible that is more than one thing in the works.

“Persona 5 R” actually does not appear anywhere in the teaser video or website — it is only taken from the website’s URL. This means that there is a chance that Persona 5 R is not the full title of the upcoming game.

Gamers expect Persona 5 R, or whatever it ends up being called, to be an enhanced version of Persona 5, possibly with more content. Atlus has done it in the past with Persona 3 FES, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, so it will not be much of a surprise if the developer follows the same path with the highly successful latest entry to the series.

Persona 4 Golden, released for the PlayStation Vita in 2012, added plenty of content such as new social links and new events to Persona 4, originally launched for the PlayStation 2 in 2008. It remains to be seen what changes Atlus will make in Persona 5 R, which may be rolled out about three years since Persona 5.

There were rumors that Persona 5 R would be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but those were debunked with the appearance of the PlayStation logo in the teaser video. The possibility of Persona 5 arriving to the hybrid console is not all lost though, especially with the upcoming addition of the RPG’s main protagonist Joker to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC.

John Hardin, a public relations manager for Atlus, said in January 2017 that Persona 5 will not be ported to the Nintendo Switch or PC. Fans of the RPG have never stopped clamoring for it though, and a lot of things may change over a span of two years. Will Persona 5 on the Nintendo Switch be one of Atlus’ announcements on March 2019?

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