Plan your own Dragon Age: Inquisition bar crawl with free, downloadable tavern songs

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If you’ve played Dragon Age: Inquisition, then you’ve probably found yourself walking into one of the game’s taverns at one point or another, only to be immediately captivated by the dulcet tones of a crooning, lute-strumming bard. It’s just one of those lovely flourishes that helps to make the world feel like more of a real place. Now, thanks to BioWare, you can bring that music with you wherever you go.

Inquisition‘s soundtrack of “Tavern Songs,” with music by Raney Shockne, featuring Elizaveta and Nick Stoubis, along with additional music by Inon Zur, is available now as a free download from BioWare’s Dragon Age website. It’s a limited-time offer, though — just two weeks — so grab the tunes while you can. Those that possess the capacity to actually create music can also grab the sheet music for each song.

The freebie offer is a gift to all of those in the fan community that have been asking BioWare about where to hear the bard’s music outside of Inquisition. The release of the sheet music is timed to coincide with an ongoing Fan Celebration Contest, which invites Dragon Age diehards to produce creative works — not necessarily musical, but music too — of their own that tie in some way to the fictional land of Thedas.

Dragon Age: Inquisition isn’t without its flaws, but it stands as BioWare’s strongest effort to date in that series, and as one of the studio’s most sprawling open worlds. The amount of space to be explored in Inquisition is truly staggering, and most of the virtual square footage is filled with things to do. It’s the sort of game you can pour 100 hours into and still find surprises hidden around a corner.

Grab your free Tavern Songs right here.

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