PlayStation 4 ‘Fortnite’ players will get four exclusive heroes

Epic Games’ Fortnite finally releases next month for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, but not all platforms will be treated equally. PS4 owners who pick up the game early will receive four exclusive heroes not found on any other system.

By purchasing one of Fortnite‘s “Founder’s Packs,” which are available for as low at $40, PlayStation players will get access to the game as well as four PlayStation-themed hero cards. The four exclusive heroes are the same four character classes seen in the rest of the game — outlander, soldier, ninja, and constructor —  but they are dressed up in PlayStation-blue clothing.

Purchasing one of the game’s more expensive editions will earn you goodies like the “Rare Hero Starter Pack,” containing eight heroes, as well as an exclusive pistol. For those who really want to feel special, the $90 “Super Deluxe” and $150 “Limited Edition” versions give you an exclusive chat channel only accessible by others who bought them. We imagine the conversations will mostly involve the rationale behind spending $150 on a video game.

Fortnite was originally announced by Epic Games in late 2011, but the time appears to have been beneficial to the tower-defense action game. With the ability to fortify buildings, set traps, and just blast away monsters with traditional third-person shooting and melee combat, it reminds us slightly of Orcs Must Die! After harvesting resources, you can craft additional weapons to do more damage and keep the hordes of invaders from overrunning the town. If you want to play like you’re the Incredible Hulk, a launching pad even allows you to quickly jump between buildings in emergencies.

Fortnite arrives on July 25 in “paid early access.” Anyone who pre-orders the game will be able to play beginning on July 21 and will receive the Storm Master Weapon Pack.

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