Upcoming PS4 update lets you play MP3s, MP4s, and other files off of USB drives

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The PlayStation 4’s impending firmware update v2.00 is now confirmed to include additional customization options for the home screen, better library sorting, and the ability to play music from a USB drive. That’s in addition to previously revealed features like Share Play and YouTube support.

In addition to choosing a theme, you will soon be able to customize the background color of the home screen from one of seven new options: Gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink and gray. The Content Area will now have more useful  information as well, showing the latest games and apps that you have used alongside a list of the 15 most frequent apps and games.

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The library’s improved search features include new filters to sort content by type, name, date used, and date installed. There will also now be an option for the monthly free PlayStation Plus games to “Add to Library,” which will add the game virtually to your collection even if you don’t want to give up the hard drive space and download it just yet.

Finally, the new USB Music Player lets you play your own music during games by plugging in a USB drive with your collection. MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP will all be supported.

Check out more detailed update notes over on the PlayStation Blog.