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Studio head says PlayStation 5 will let developers focus on making games fun

The PlayStation 5 will not only be a groundbreaking console for players, but it will also be a powerful tool for developers, according to the head of the studio behind action platformer Tamarin.

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Chameleon Games studio head Omar Sawi was enthusiastic about the PlayStation 5’s move from a hard-disk drive to a solid-state drive. The SSD, according to Sawi, will allow developers to take their mind off hardware restrictions during the process of making games.

“This is great,” Sawi told Gaming Bolt about the PlayStation 5’s SSD. The studio head said that it was difficult to hide long loading times in current-generation consoles, with levels needed to be designed in such a way so that players will not be bored by loading screens.

“An SSD would make it easier to focus on what is the most fun,” Sawi said. He added that part of what makes action games pleasurable is “having everything being very immediate and responsive.” This starts with responsive character controls and high frame rates, “but it also extends to how the game starts and everything happening in between.”

The PlayStation 5 is, of course, expected to be much more powerful than the PlayStation 4, and a benchmark leak previously revealed by just how much. While players are excited over the new gaming experiences that the next-generation console will unlock, Sawi’s answers in the interview show that developers are also looking forward to what they can do with such revolutionary hardware.

The radical design of the PlayStation 5 development kit was also said to have been leaked, raising the possibility that the console will look very different from its predecessor. A recent rumor, meanwhile, claimed that players looking forward to an even more advanced device will not have to wait long, as the PlayStation 5 Pro will reportedly be released alongside the base model.

The excitement over the PlayStation 5 continues to build, ahead of its anticipated release of as soon as the holiday season of 2020. With Sawi’s insight that the new technology will allow developers to focus on making games fun, the future already looks bright for the upcoming console.

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