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No wait for PlayStation 5 Pro? Rumor claims console to launch with PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is already expected to be much more powerful than the PlayStation 4, but a new rumor claims that Sony is planning an even bigger launch for the upcoming console.

The PlayStation 4, released in November 2013, received an upgrade in the form of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which was rolled out three years later. The PlayStation 5 has no official launch date yet, so the thought of a possible PlayStation 5 Pro is likely not yet on anyone’s minds.

Sony, however, is apparently thinking differently. Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa claimed in a YouTube video that the PlayStation 5 will come with the PlayStation 5 Pro in tow.

The PlayStation 5 Pro will cost about $100 to $150 more than the base model, Nishikawa said, as Sony is said to have acknowledged the interest for an even more powerful console. The company will reportedly make the beefed-up version available right from the start of the PlayStation 5’s life.

It goes without saying that skepticism should be applied to all PlayStation 5 rumors until Sony unveils the console. It remains unclear why Sony would roll out the PlayStation 5 Pro alongside the PlayStation 5, which is expected to arrive in 2020 or 2021, when it stands to make more money by waiting for a few years like with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

However, Nishikawa, who did not reveal more specific details about the PlayStation 5 Pro, is viewed as a reliable source, particularly because he reported the Nintendo Switch Lite before its official announcement. Perhaps Sony is planning another form of upgrade down the line for the PlayStation 5?

The console’s system architect Mark Cerny has previously revealed that the PlayStation 5 will support 3D audio, 8K graphics, and ray tracing, which is currently only possible on high-end PCs. The console’s CPU will be an eight-core chip based on the Ryzen line with Zen 2 microarchitecture, while its GPU will be based on the Radeon Navi line.

The PlayStation 5 design was reportedly leaked through patent drawings, with renders created by Let’s Go Digital showing a much different look compared to its predecessors. Game developer Matthew Stott confirmed that the design was for the PlayStation 5 development kit, and it remains unclear if the version of the console that will roll out to the market will look like it.

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