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Pokémon Go wearable pre-orders are selling for over $100 bucks on eBay

Pokemon GO Plus
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Pokémon Go fever is sweeping the nation — and it’s poised to spread across the globe once the game is released in all regions. As trainers scour their neighborhoods for the most powerful monsters, demand is surging for the previously announced wearable device designed to enhance the experience.

Pre-orders for the Pokémon Go Plus opened in June, but back then it was unclear whether or not the game would be a hit. Now that millions of players have downloaded the app, some canny consumers are attempting to make a little bit of money by selling their pre-order at a profit.

Guaranteed pre-orders are fetching upwards of $100 on eBay, according to a report from IGN — which isn’t a bad profit, given that the wearable is priced at $35. Most retailers are now listing the product as out of stock, which leaves these inflated prices as the only option for anyone that didn’t plan in advance.

It’s worth noting that consumers are paying these prices even though the Pokémon Go Plus doesn’t have a solid release date. Players might have already abandoned the app by the time it arrives, although given the game’s popularity in its first week of release, that doesn’t seem too likely.

The Pokémon Go Plus makes the game a little easier by allowing players to catch beasties without using their smartphone, a major benefit given its tendency to eat through a battery charge.

These auctions are not the only way that players have been attempting to earn some money from the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Other endeavors include a fake app that’s topped the download charts in regions where the game is delayed, and the alarming case of a group of armed thieves using the app to lure their victims.

Pokémon Go is available now for iOS and Android devices in certain regions — the Pokémon Go Plus wearable is currently unavailable for purchase at most major retailers.

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