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The best amulets in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Amulets are your main piece of equipment in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. They run the gamut from being simple buffs to completely changing how you play. Some are easy to find, and just need to be bought from merchants, while others are rewards for beating bosses or are hidden in chests that could take a bit of skill to reach. The best part is, once you find one you like, you can upgrade it at the forge to make it even better. The difficult part is deciding which ones are best and worth spending resources on. With 37 amulets total, we’ve narrowed things down with this list of the best ones to get in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Best amulets

From the 37 available amulets, we found the following to be the most useful for the majority of situations. We suggest only using our final pick when and if you decide to try and go for a full completion.

Dragon King

The dragon amulet in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

This is a unique amulet in that it will break upon use until you rest at a Wak-Wak Tree. However, the utility of it is unmatched in a game as punishing as this. When equipped, Dragon King will save you from death once, restoring a little HP to give you one last chance to overcome a boss or save you from being sent back to the last checkpoint.

Shield of Mithra

The shield amulet in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

The parry is Sargon’s best move and one you will need to master if you have any hope of making progress in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. If you’re a fan of other action games, it probably doesn’t feel right to land a perfect parry, but not get a little slowdown. This amulet does just that, and creates a time bubble around you after a parry that slows all enemies inside it so you can dish out some damage.

Void Blade

The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown void blade amulet.

Sargon isn’t without ranged options, but they’re quite limited and often underwhelming. Void Boade is a great ranged energy slash that can be used repeatedly after a cooldown period. It doesn’t deal a ton of damage, but being able to sneak in safe damage on a boss can turn the tide for you.


The blessing amulet in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Sometimes you can’t argue with the simple amulets. Blessing is just a boring old health boost, but sometimes you need that extra hit or two to finally overcome a boss. You have to rest at a Wak-Wak Tree to restore any HP the amulet gives you above your normal max, meaning potions won’t impact that extra health, which is the only small downside.

Prosperity Bird

With this game being a Metroidvania, there are dozens of collectibles, chests, and secrets all around the map. When you decide to start hunting down those missing trinkets, slap on the Prosperity Bird to get a small sound cue whenever a collectible is close by so you can hunt it down.

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