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Microsoft unveils limited Project Scorpio edition Xbox One X

Introducing Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition
It turns out the Xbox One X will keep its Project Scorpio code name — at least for a select number of lucky console owners. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition during its Gamescom 2017 press conference.

The special edition console, also priced at $500, will have the words “Project Scorpio” emblazoned in green on both the controller and the console. The move is somewhat reminiscent of the Xbox One’s launch back in 2013, when some console users received limited “Day One” controllers with their brand new Xbox Ones.

However, the Project Scorpio edition will add more than just a bit of stylish writing. The exterior of the console will receive a “sophisticated and dynamic” graphic pattern, as shown in the closeups in the trailer above. The pattern, according to Microsoft, was “inspired by the original Xbox.”

On top of the gorgeous design, the Project Scorpio edition will come with an exclusive vertical stand, giving you the option to display your console vertically rather than the standard horizontal placement.

You can watch Major Nelson unbox the Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition in the video below.

Unboxing the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition

If you want to get your hands on the Project Scorpio edition, we advise you to act fast. Xbox One X pre-orders are now available, and from the looks of it, the Project Scorpio edition seems to be more widely available than the regular edition. But that will likely change — soon.

This mirrors the Day One edition pre-orders back when the Xbox One launched. Knowing that, if you want to get one of the special edition Xbox One X consoles, we suggest you order one, well, right after you read this. For instance, Amazon has already sold out of its first round of Xbox One X pre-orders — both the Project Scorpio edition and the regular.

Check out our Xbox One X pre-order guide for all the details. As of writing, numerous stores, including GameStop and Walmart, still have pre-orders available.

When the Xbox One X launches November 7, it will be the most powerful dedicated game console ever made. That power will enhance many existing and upcoming Xbox One titles. At Gamescom, Microsoft confirmed dozens of games for Xbox One X enhancements.

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