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PSP2 might offer graphics on par with PS3

Go ahead and skip this article if you are someone that only wishes to know solid facts about upcoming items. The rumor list has grown so long regarding the PSP2, that even trusted sources have been proven to be totally wrong, and even if something does seem very probable, we won’t be able to confirm it until the details on the PSP2 have been released. So although this source seems credible and offers a comprehensive set of details rather than just the vague rumor about a new button or the like, take this news with a grain of salt. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

IGN is reporting that a source who has had hands on time with the PSP2 revealed several details regarding the device. If true, the thing is going to be fairly epic, as far as portable gaming devices go. It might be the one true handheld gaming system to rule them all…

Among other details, the source claimed that the pictures that were recently leaked by the website vg247 (above and below), are in fact of the actual PSP2. The final production model should have some cosmetic differences, but in terms of functionality, that is what the device will look like. The PSP2 will feature front and back facing cameras, a microphone, two analog sticks, and a trackpad on the back.

In terms of processing power, it will be half as powerful as the PS3, but that would mean that it could run PS3 graphics comparable to the early PS3 games. The device also features an HD screen, so it could get away with displaying PS3 graphics despite the weaker chip, because there is a much smaller area to display those graphics on.

If the processor can keep up, that might mean players could transfer their games from the PS3 to the PSP2 and continue playing while on the go, as long as developers are willing to create a ported version of the game for the PSP2 as well.

Of course, this all sounds amazing but if it is as powerful as rumored, the hardware will likely cost money. An awful, awful lot of money. Sony is not afraid to charge a pretty penny for its hardware, just look at when the first PS3 was released. No word yet on when we might possibly see a free range PSP2 running in the wild, and as usual, Sony has no comment.

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