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How long does it take to beat Psychonauts 2?

Psychonauts 2 sees you once again stepping into the shoes of Razputin Aquato. Promoted from Camper to Intern, he’s got a bunch of new powers at his disposal and a variety of new locations to explore. Throughout your journey, you’ll be jumping into the brains of iconic characters as you unravel a mystery that’s once again threatening the world.

Aquato’s journey isn’t too time-consuming, although you’re looking at a serious commitment to 100% Psychonauts 2. With over a dozen levels to explore, thousands of collectibles, and a variety of side quests, here’s how long it’ll take you to beat the latest game from Double Fine Productions.

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How long is Psychonauts 2?

Raz staring into the camera in Psychonauts 2.
Double Fine

If you’re running straight through the main story of Psychonauts 2, you can probably get to the credits in as little as 10 hours. You’ll miss out on much of what makes the game so engaging — that is, scouring each level for hidden items, chatting with quirky NPCs, and learning more about its colorful world — but the core Psychonauts 2 experience shouldn’t take more than a dozen hours to complete.

Most likely, however, you’re looking at around 15 hours of game time. The large majority of players will spend at least a few hours exploring the nooks and crannies of the Motherlobe, or they’ll get turned around and spend some time figuring out where to go next. At any rate, don’t expect an epic on the scale of The Witcher 3 or Breath of the WildPsychonauts 2 is a short-and-sweet game that’s respectful of your time.

How long does it take to 100% Psychonauts 2?

Raz starting a level in Psychonauts 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Prepare yourself for a monumental task — achieving 100% in Psychonauts 2 isn’t for the faint of heart. Emotional Baggage, Half-A-Minds, Nuggets of Wisdom, and more litter each brain you explore, and you’ll need to find them all to reach 100% completion.

Putting a definitive number on that goal isn’t easy. After all, how can you determine how long it’ll take someone to complete a scavenger hunt? Depending on which collectible they’re missing — and the order in which they search for them — the timetable could vary drastically.

However, expect to spend at least 30 hours trying to reach 100% completion in Psychonauts 2. The game provides you with a handy menu screen that points out any missing collectibles, making it easier to pinpoint where you need to focus your efforts. Granted, it won’t tell you exactly where in the level you need to look, but at least you won’t be roaming the entire world of Psychonauts 2 without any direction.

Psychonauts 2 full level and location lists

Raz's family looks solemn in Psychonauts 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The lists below might include a few spoilers, so turn back now if you want to unravel the plot of Psychonauts 2 on your own!

However, if you’re curious to know how far along in the story you are, here’s a look at every brain you’ll invade and every hub world you’ll get to explore in chronological order. Keep in mind that the levels associated with piecing together Ford Cruller’s brain can largely be tackled in whichever order you see fit — beyond that, everything will be uniform for all players.

Psychonauts 2 levels

  • Loboto’s Lab
  • Hollis’ Classroom
  • Hollis’ Hot Streak
  • Compton’s Cookoff (Ford Cruller Mission)
  • Strike City (Ford Cruller Mission)
  • PSI King’s Sensorium (Ford Cruller Mission)
  • Ford’s Follicles (Ford Cruller Mission)
  • Cruller’s Correspondence (Ford Cruller Mission)
  • Tomb of the Sharkophagus
  • Bob’s Bottles
  • Cassie’s Collection
  • Lucrecia’s Lament
  • Fatherland Follies

Keep in mind that you can revisit all these locations whenever you’d like, and no content will be locked out as you progress through the game — in fact, new sections of each level will likely become accessible as you learn new skills. The only exception is Lady Luctopus — which is an early story mission that houses no collectibles or side quests and cannot be revisited.

Psychonauts 2 hub worlds

These locations are typically much larger and more open than the above list of levels and are where you’ll find a variety of side quests and NPCs.

  • The Motherlobe
  • The Quarry
  • The Questionable Area
  • Green Needle Gulch
  • Old Colony

For a closer look at each hub, head to your in-game Pause menu. Here, you’ll find a variety of maps for each location, giving you a bit of guidance as to how these sprawling hubs are laid out.

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