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Psychonauts 2: Queepie location side-quest guide

You have a major mission ahead of you when you rejoin Raz and the Psychonauts in Psychonauts 2, but there are plenty of other things in the game that will draw your attention away. If you’re ever feeling like you need a bit of a breather from delving into the deepest crevasses of people’s minds, there are plenty of side quests and optional objectives to distract you for a little bit. Plus, you can also earn yourself some achievements or trophies and PSI Challenge Markers for your effort.

Perhaps the most difficult side mission in Psychonauts 2 is given to you by none other than Raz’s own family. His little brother, Queepie, has gone missing, and it’s up to you to find him. Finding him once would be simple — too simple, it seems — which is why Queepie will continue to run off until you track him down a total of six times and tell him to get back to the family at camp. You will get some clues as to where he’s hidden himself when you get close, but if you don’t know what to look for, this little guy can easily slip under your radar. Here are all of his hiding spots in order in Psychonauts 2. 

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Starting the Queepie quest

Raz's family looks solemn in Psychonauts 2.

This quest will likely trigger as you are playing the game, but if not, it is very easy to get started. Once you enter the Questionable Area of the map for the first time, head to the Aquato camp, located on the right side of the map. Raz’s family, who would have shown up in the Motherlobe by this point in the game, will have relocated here and set up camp. You can easily track them down by following the road.

Once you find Raz’s family again, talk with his mother, who will give you two optional quests, one of which is to find his lost brother, Queepie. The only clue you get is that somewhere close to where Queepie is hiding, there’s radio music playing since the reason he’s gone off is to find a place to dance. The one upside is that he won’t leave the Questionable Area, so you won’t have to search the entire hub for this little dude.

Queepie hiding spot No. 1

Queepie’s first hiding spot is an easy one to kick things off. Just go outside the camp and around to the water wheel next to the horseshoe pit. Follow the music to find him sitting on a rock with his radio. Interact with him to trigger the next phase of the quest as he runs off to hide somewhere else.

Queepie hiding spot No. 2

Next, locate the Sassyclops cave. From the Aquato camp, the cave is right across from the horseshoe pit you were just at. Go through the cave, platforming your way to the end, and jump over to Queepie sitting on the wooden scaffolding.

Queepie hiding spot No. 3

Raz wearing red spiral goggles.

The easiest way to reach the third hiding spot is to fast-travel to the forest entrance location. You’ll hear the music, but figuring out where it’s actually coming from is the hard part. Queepie will actually be directly above, in the trees. To get up to him, climb up the vines on a nearby tree, next to an arrow sign pointing down. Cross the tightrope, climb up some more vines, and you can jump onto a wooden walkway leading to a little roofed area with Queepie underneath.

Queepie hiding spot No. 4

Queepie has gone rather far from camp this time, taking you all the way over to where the funicular is next to the Forgetful Forest. To get up to his perch this time, use the building beside the bathrooms to reach a ladder you can climb up into the nearby tree. Jump to another platform with a tightrope on it, cross that, and climb up the pole to a bush you can use to spring yourself up to higher platforms. At the end of these, just walk around the platform until you reach Queepie at the end overlooking the area.

Queepie hiding spot No. 5

Queepie seems to have taken pity on us for the last couple of hiding spots because this one is dead simple to reach. Just go over to the Lumberstack Diner, bounce off the roof of the car next to the building to get onto the roof, and walk around the top to find him jamming out.

Queepie hiding spot No. 6

Queepie tries hiding a little closer to home this time, being almost directly above his family’s camp. Getting to his perch, though, requires you to first use your pyrokinesis to light the campfire and ride the hot air up so you can climb up onto a platform just above the entrance to the camp. Follow the path, use a bush to bounce further to another path, and use yet another bush to spring off of. This final path ends with a bar you can grab and safely drop onto the platform that Queepie is sitting on. Talk to him one last time to put this quest to bed and earn yourself the Dance, Baby, Dance achievement or trophy.

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