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How to find Pure Quartz in Palworld

If you came into Palworld expecting it to be a reskin of Pokémon, you will realize very quickly that there’s way more to this game than catching and fighting the different types of Pals. Crafting is a major mechanic in the game, requiring you to go out and find all kinds of resources. When you start reaching the more exciting items to craft, the materials you need will get harder and harder to come by, such as Pure Quartz, which you need to make Circuit Boards. These are necessary for a lot of late-game equipment, so Pure Quartz will be a key ingredient to have on hand.

Where to find Pure Quartz

A pal tammer in the snow.

Pure Quartz only shows up in the northern part of the Palworld map called the Astral Mountains. This is a frozen tundra of an area, so you can’t waltz in without proper cold resistance gear first. Once you can withstand the cold, head into this zone and track down some Pure Quartz deposits in the environment to mine.

If you have the resources, you can also build a base in one of the Astral Mountain areas, such as by the Pristine Snowfield fast travel point, and use your Pals to continually mine from a Pure Quartz deposit.

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