Put a personal touch on your PS4 and PS Vita with Themes

put personal touch ps4 ps vita themes playstation 4 theme

Getting tired of the endless sea of blue that dominates the dashboard interface on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita machines? Well good news then: Sony is bringing Themes to both platforms, adopting the popular PlayStation 3 feature for its more recent hardware.

The news was confirmed during Sony’s recent pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, and was then mentioned again in a new PlayStation Blog post. The addition of Themes is meant to lend a little more life to the standard look of the PlayStation operating system’s frontend interace.

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The feature will be added in coming platform updates — v2.00 for the PS4 and v3.30 for the Vita — though no date is confirmed just yet. Sony promises to reveal more in the coming weeks. The Vita’s fall update will also add the ability to watch livestreams of PS4 gameplay on Twitch and Ustream using the Live on PlayStation app.