Rage Set to Release in September of 2011

rage set to release in september of 2011 screenshot big

After debuting gameplay footage at E3, id’s Rage quickly jumped to the top of the list of “most-anticipated” titles. Besides just looking fairly incredible, and besides the impressive pedigree of id Software and publisher Bethesda, Rage also will debut the brand new id Tech 5 engine.

Originally debuted at Quakecon 2007, Rage has had the industry’s attention for quite awhile.  Besides the fact that the company that created the first-person shooter genre is releasing a new game, the proprietary engine that they created for this game is also attracting developers who have been using id’s software engines for years.

As more footage of Rage is released, it will soon have the attention of gamers everywhere as well, but we will have to wait until September 13 of next year to experience the results of id’s newest creation.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the first-person shooter takes place on an Earth devastated by an asteroid. Beyond that, not much is known, but expect to hear more in the coming months.