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Razer celebrates in Berlin by bringing back an old favorite

After an exciting lineup at PAX Prime, Razer continues to spread the Chroma lighting love throughout its peripherals, but that’s not all that showed up at IFA. After eight years on ice, Razer has reintroduced the Diamondback, a unique mouse with a huge following.

Razer Diamondback $90

The Diamondback has an unusual long, narrow body that appeals to a wide array of grip types, and it’s ambidextrous so no one has to miss out. The design was praised highly when it launched in 2004, and was the first example of an optical sensor in a gaming mouse. To this day, a classic Diamondback is tough to find, but that won’t be the case soon.

This time around, everyone will have the chance to enjoy the Diamondback, and it’s been equipped with modern technology. New rubberized grip pads help you keep a hold of the sides, and two buttons on the left are easy to access for left handed players as well. Chroma is introduced in the form of a band that runs the outside of the mouse. It’s been souped up under the hood as well. With a 16,000 DPI sensor and 0.1mm lift-off distance, the Diamondback is a seriously premium gaming mouse, and you can pre-order now for just $90 to have it in October.


Razer Orochi $70

On the mobile front, Razer’s Orochi laptop gaming mouse now has Chroma, and improved Bluetooth for better response times and battery life. It’s also packing a 8,200 DPI sensor, but is still rated for 60 hours of continuous gaming. On the outside, the Orochi has an improved metal top and a re-shaped silhouette to match its advanced internals. At $70, it’s definitely on the high-end side for a mobile mouse, and you can pre-order now for an October release.


Razer Kraken Mobile $90

And last but not least, Razer takes the Kraken gaming headset to the streets with the Kraken Mobile. Available in six neon colors, the Kraken Mobile features 40mm drivers and a lightweight fit, and now also includes a detachable in-line microphone and controls for iOS devices. It’s priced at $90 and is already rolling out to shelves and the Razer store.


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