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“Reaper of Recipes” contest rewards best Diablo-themed recipe

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If you’re as adept in the kitchen as you are in the dungeons of Diablo III, you may be able to score an impressive amount of loot in the recently announced “Reaper of Recipes” challenge, sponsored by Blizzard Entertainment and Eat Game Live, a blog devoted to the culinary side of gaming.

Billed as “the ultimate Diablo-themed cooking contest,” the challenge simply requires the submission of a recipe (written in English) that not only fits the theme of Diablo III, but also looks good and — most importantly — tastes good. The recipes will be judged by Kierstin (@kierpanda) of Eat Game Live, who will prepare, photograph, and feature the winning recipe on the site, with the winner also receiving a heap of Diablo loot to go along with the accolades the chef will receive on


The reward for the winning recipe is an impressive cache of Diablo III swag that includes the Diablo III Collector’s Edition, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition, and copies of the Book of Cain and Book of Tyrael. 

The official announcement of the contest at Eat Game Live indicates that all culinary concoctions submitted for the “Reaper of Recipes” challenge will be judged according to three criteria: 

1. Representation of the Diablo III theme
2. Creativity / Originality
3. Taste

In order to participate, you need only email your recipe to before Sunday, May 11.

reaper of recipes diablo 3

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