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How to emote in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is playable solo if you’re the lone wolf type, but it’s designed with cooperative play in mind. As such, Gunfire Games has included a variety of emotes for you to use to communicate with any pals you bring along on your adventure. Below, we’ll tell you how to emote and give you a full list of all of your options so that you can be sure everyone knows exactly how you’re feeling throughout your playtime together.

How to emote

How you access emotes will depend on if you’re on a console or PC, of course. Console players can hold down on their controller’s D-pad to access the wheel, while PC players will need to use G on their keyboard to do so. Once in the emote wheel menu, you can choose between five quick-select callouts meant to rapidly inform your teammates of something, such as requesting they follow you or letting them know what type of ammo you need.

Quick-select wheel options

  • Hand Gun Ammo
  • Long Gun Ammo
  • World Stone
  • Assistance
  • Follow Me

In addition to the quick-select callouts, you have two entire emote wheels you can access by choosing “Emotes 1” or “Emotes 2” at the bottom of the first wheel. Here’s what you can choose from:

Emote 1 wheel options

  • This Way
  • No
  • Wave
  • Laugh
  • Clap
  • Cheer
  • Beckon
  • Yes

Emote 2 wheel options

  • Praise the Gun
  • Confused
  • Fail
  • Exhausted
  • High five

It’s possible future DLC will add more emotes, but for now, these are all of the available options in Remnant 2. Make sure you cheer or high five folks who help you out – though a quick lighthearted laugh when they accidentally roll off a ledge is fine, too.

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