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Resident Evil performance patch releases, fixes frame rate issues

Days ago, we reported that Capcom planned on addressing the various performance issues affecting Resident Evil Village‘s PC version. A patch is now available that fixes the problems, according to the official Resident Evil Twitter account.

Resident Evil Village is the latest in the long-running horror franchise. Though it is one of the most well-received entries in the series, that didn’t save its PC release from the flaws that tend to affect many PC ports, such as an inconsistent frame rate and stuttering.

When the performance issues were still being looked into, Digital Foundry did some research and found that the culprit was the DRM, Denuvo. When this DRM was removed from the game, it ran significantly smoother.

According to the Resident Evil Twitter page, the patch brings several improvements to the game on PC. “FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) from AMD is now supported,” says Capcom. “FSR supports higher frame rates on PC for an improved gaming experience … Adjustments have been made to optimize the anti-piracy technology.”

Players are reporting that the stuttering and frame rate issues are no more, but Capcom’s reaction time is at the center of fans’ attention now. With Capcom taking months to fix problems that were flagged at the game’s launch, some early adopters are feeling burned by the delay.

Awesome that the suttering has been fixed, but the game has been like this for the past two months and we didn't hear NOTHING from the developers until articles started coming out. It's honestly sad and I'll be extremely careful before buying a Capcom game next time.

— Bruno Silva (@Brunobb1) July 20, 2021

The new patch for Resident Evil Village is around 1GB and is available now on Steam copies of the game. While it’s great that Capcom finally looked into these problems, hopefully this ends their time with Denuvo, as this isn’t the first case of the anti-cheat engine causing issues for Steam.

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