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Resident Evil game Project Resistance stacks the odds against your team

Project Resistance Survivors

In late August, Capcom teased a brand-new Resident Evil game called Project Resistance. Rather than arriving as an upcoming entry in the main series, the new title is a team-based multiplayer survival game, and it appears at least one of your friends will not be on your team.

Posted ahead of Tokyo Game Show, a video game convention held every year in September in Japan, the Project Resistance teaser features four survivors moving through a large building. Each of them is using a different weapon, including a baseball bat, stick, shotgun, and pistol. They face off against a wave of zombies, but this isn’t what makes the teaser so intriguing.

There appears to be one more player involved, and he’s sitting in a control room letting the enemies out to kill the survivors. With a series of security cameras, he’s able to see exactly where the survivors are inside the building, and let loose dangerous enemies to take them out at key moments. This includes a Licker, which pounces on one survivor, as well as the Mr. X behemoth made famous in Resident Evil 2. Rather than “X gon’ give it to ya,” it appears “Player 5 gon’ give X to ya.”

Project Resistance Teaser

This will not be the first time Resident Evil has allowed players to enjoy scares cooperatively, with main games Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 making it a key part of their gameplay. However, should another player be coordinating things, it could definitely add a nice new wrinkle to the established formula. Resident Evil is as good as it has ever been in 2019, and the recent Resident Evil 2 remake is an excellent reimagining of the Raccoon City disaster, ditching the tank controls and replacing them with an over-the-shoulder shooter style.

Project Resistance will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show from September 12 to 15, so we won’t have to wait much longer to learn more. The game is planned for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, so those who play exclusively on Nintendo Switch will have to make do with the Resident Evil Triple Pack and the two Revelations games. Still, between the two of those you get five games, and four of them are good!

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