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Return to Monkey Island: How to convince the crew to go to Monkey Island

Guybrush has gone through all the trouble of sneaking his way onto LeShip and escaping the hold to reach his destination of Monkey Island. Surely by now his luck will change, and there won't be any more puzzle-like obstacles to overcome, right? By now, you should know the name Return to Monkey Island is implying that this game isn't about the destination but the journey, and unfortunately, the crew of LeShip isn't too keen on continuing it.




30 minutes

Once you get above deck and meet the main crew members, they all take a vote and decide not to go to Monkey Island. Normally, that would be that, but you do have the opportunity to convince them to change their votes and set the course for the titular island. However, this will require you to change the minds of five key members of the crew. Here's how to convince the crew to go to Monkey Island in Return to Monkey Island.

A red pirate saying they don't want to go to monkey island.

How to begin convincing the crew

The five members of the crew you need to get on your side in order to go to Monkey Island are Putra, Flair, Iron Rose, Flambe, and Apple Bob. None of them will change their minds just by talking to them and will only be swayed if you do them a favor first. However, before you start working on any of these requests, you need to do a few things first.

Step 1: Go into the cabin and talk to LeChuck.

Step 2: Ask about another way to reach Monkey Island.

Step 3: You will be thrown out with the First Swab's Report to fill out.

Step 4: The first items are ghost rats, which you can find right outside the cabin.

Step 5: Go down to the galley.

Step 6: Add the galley to your report.

Guybrush asking if putra asked for a promotion.

How to convince Putra to go to Monkey Island

Our first crew member to help out is Putra, who is in the galley. Let's help her achieve her dream so she can help us achieve ours.

Step 1: Speak to Putra and learn she wants to be a chef.

Step 2: Ask why she isn't a chef and if she's tried to get a promotion.

Step 3: Take the promotion papers she drops on the table and offer to help her get it.

Step 4: Leave the galley and go back to the hold.

Step 5: Add the greasy porthole you made to your First Swab's Report.

Step 6: Feed the chickens.

Step 7: Leave the hold, but go right back down.

Step 8: Add the chicken droppings to your report.

Step 9: Back on the deck, add the potion stains to your report.

Step 10: With the report filled out, turn it in to Iron Rose.

Step 11: Add the promotion papers to the stack Iron Rose gives you.

Step 12: Go back to LeChuck's cabin and have him sign the stack of papers.

Step 13: Return to Putra and give her the signed promotion paper.

A pirate crew looking skeptical.

How to convince Flair to go to Monkey Island

Next up is Flair, who will probably be the easiest member to bring over to your side.

Step 1: Speak to Flair, who will ask you to get her back her grandmother's whale knife. It is apparently stuck in Gullet's back, who was then thrown overboard.

Step 2: Go to the hold.

Step 3: Climb through the porthole and head left.

Step 4: Climb down the rudders to find Gullet stuck there.

A pirate stuck under the ship.

Step 5: Examine Gullet's back to spot the knife.

Step 6: Examine the knife and take it.

Step 7: Bring the knife back to Flair and she will change her vote.

A pirate reading in the crow's nest.

How to convince Flambe to go to Monkey Island

While you could do the previous two in any order, Putra must change their vote before convincing Flambe.

Step 1: Head all the way up to the crow's nest to find Flambe reading.

Step 2: Ask him what he wants to change his vote, to which he says he only cares about sleeping and eating.

Step 3: Ask what his favorite food is.

Step 4: Go to the galley and ask Putra to make the Scorched Alaska for him.

Step 5: Take the meal and go to the deck.

Step 6: Pick up the glowing hot stick next to the cannon.

Step 7: Use your knife to cut off the tip.

Step 8: Combine the tip with the Scorched Alaska.

Step 9: Climb back up to the crow's nest.

Step 10: Give Flambe the food and he will drop his book and agree to change his vote.

Step 11: Make sure you ask to borrow the book he dropped before climbing back down.

A pirate saying they admited LeChuck.

How to convince Iron Rose to go to Monkey Island

Next up we have Iron Rose. This is another quick one.

Step 1: Speak to Iron Rose to learn about her dwindling faith in LeChuck.

Step 2: Use the pamphlet you got in the hold on her.

Step 3: This will be inspiration enough and she will change her vote.

An upside down pirate wishing for entertainment.

How to convince Apple Bob to go to Monkey Island

The last vote we need to get back on track is Apple Bob. Luckily, he's another easy sell.

Step 1: Speak to Apple Bob hanging from a mast on the deck.

Step 2: Learn that he misses the old entertainment they used to get.

Step 3: Exhaust all his dialogue until you learn he enjoys reading.

Step 4: Give him the book you borrowed from Flambe.

Step 5: Apple Bob will agree to change his vote.

Six pirates voting.

All that's left is to go back to the galley and speak to Putra once more to gather the crew again. To start the vote, just ring the bell once.

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