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OMG! Wow! Rocket League quick chat options expanding

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If you’re an avid Rocket League player, the current limited crop of quick chat options will be getting a much needed expansion. Psyonix announced today that it will be giving players 27 new quick chat options with the upcoming June update.

Because Rocket League is a controller affair, the only way to communicate strategy, jubilation, or frustration are through the quick chat options found on the D-pad. Reddit user gaveasky made a handy printout for gamers to use.


As you can see, while it does facilitate a good amount of communication, over the months things have gotten repetitive. Players will spam quick chats, which has become somewhat of an inside joke among fans.

The new update will add a quick chat menu, allowing players to customize their quick chat options.


The new quick chat options now include:

  • All yours.
  • Calculated.
  • Go for it!
  • Great Clear!
  • Holy cow!
  • In position.
  • Incoming!
  • My bad…
  • My fault.
  • Need Boost!
  • Nice Block!
  • Nice one!
  • No Way!
  • Okay.
  • Oops!
  • Savage!
  • Siiiick!
  • What a play!
  • Whew.

While PC players usually have a keyboard handy to talk smack or congratulate the other team for a good game, that hasn’t been the case for gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Psyonix has now added eight new post-game phrases, which should create better camaraderie. These include:

  • Everybody dance!
  • gg
  • Nice moves.
  • One. More. Game.
  • Rematch!
  • That was fun!
  • Well played.
  • What a Game!

Sadly there won’t be an option for custom quick chat options. This has been most likely done to deter foul-mouthed gamers from sneaking in expletives or other uncomfortable phrases into a game which is rated E for Everyone. Even then, it’s surprising that a simple “LOL” wasn’t added. Hopefully it will come in the next update.

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