Rockstar adds 10 new verified jobs to GTA Online

rockstar adds 10 new verified jobs gta online flight school 4

The curators at Rockstar Games have verified 10 new player-created jobs for you to enjoy in GTA Online. The new challenges range from punishing technical races to deathmatches rife with opportunities for creative carnage. Among the new jobs are the winners from the recent San Andreas Flight School Creator Competition.

Urban Jungle is a close-quarters team deathmatch set in the alleys between tightly-packed, single-story houses in South Los Santos. Sneaky players can make their way onto the rooftops to get the drop on unsuspecting opponents.

That’s What She Said is a tense sports car race that will see you weaving between train tracks and industrial decay among the foundries and tankers of Elysian Island, featuring a few dramatic jumps.

Hold: Operation Interrupt sets two teams up against one another to retrieve and protect valuable bags of drugs while fending off the other team, heavily armed thugs, and the police.

Check out the complete list of new jobs over at the Rockstar Newswire.