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Saint’s Row website updates, teasing a potential reboot

The wild and wacky cousin to Grand Theft Auto seems to be returning. Saint’s Row’s website has updated, removing any mention of the franchise’s previous games and replacing them with a simple message that says “Rebooting.”

Besides the message on its page, there isn’t any other notable information about whatever is being planned for the Saint’s Row franchise. However, the page does still list Deep Sliver as the franchise’s publisher and Volition as its developer.

It’s impossible to ignore what’s written on the wall (literally) though, whatever’s next for Saint’s Row will probably be entirely new. The text specifically reads “rebooting,” leading to a fair assumption that the franchise is being rebooted. If that’s the case, it’s being teased in a very Saint’s Row way, with little to no subtlety.

5 days until @gamescom #OpeningNightLive on Wednesday.

We are “Bossing” it with our announcements this year 👀

See you live, Wednesday at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm BST / 8 pm CEST at

— Geoff Keighley (@geoffkeighley) August 20, 2021

In any case, it’s been a long while since the last mainline Saint’s Row title was released. Saint’s Row 4 was released on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 all the way back in 2013, with its standalone expansion, Gat Out of Hell, releasing in 2015. In the time since, both titles have received remastered ports to the PS4, Xbox One, and even Nintendo Switch.

The last entry in the Saint’s Row franchise strayed away from its usual co-op-oriented approach for a solely single-player experience. Titled Agents of Mayhem, the game was released in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and was largely seen as a failed experiment for the series.

While the future of the Saint’s Row franchise isn’t clear yet, we’re going to get a good look during Gamescom’s opening night. Geoff Keighley, who is hosting the event on August 25, shared that the next Saint’s Row game would be revealed during the show on Twitter.

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